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Our goal is to connect consumers and the local business community. For the local business community our site is intended to serve as a marketing platform and a tool to deliver promotional offers to consumers. When searching for promotional offers from advertisers in 'advanced search' don't forget to mark (only show listings with coupons). Featured listings advertising will generate great advertising results at no cost for 6 month with our promotional offer. Basic advertising is free. For display advertising click 'contact us' at the bottom of the page and use the form.
For advertisers an account will serve as a 'sling' that will propel promotional offers in order to reach consumers. As an advertiser having an account gives you an ability to advertise your promotional coupons at any time.
The consumer will benefit by using these Promotions.
We believe that by limiting our services to California at this starting point will give us the ability to provide a more personal service.
As a suggestion for advertisers to  have the title of the ad more direct like : Vocal Coaching, Fitness Coaching, Home Services, Pilates. Personal and business names in the description and details. You can advertise in more then one category: for example if you are a Vocal Coach you can be in categories like: Schools, Entertainment, Kids. You select categories based on the services you provide.
For specific advertisement  details and promotional coupons click on the advertiser's picture or title link.

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